Single Phase Motors by MM Engineering

Single Phase Motors by MM Engineering

Single Phase Motors come in two main types, these are the “permanent capacitor” and “capacity start”Permanent capacitor motors use low starting torque for applications such as fans, pumps and blowers. Capacitor start’s use high starting torque enabling them for car lifts & ramps, compressors and woodworking machinery. It is highly important that you purchase the correct motor to perform your task at maximum potential. If you are unsure which single phase motor you require we advise contacting a member of the MM Engineering Services team.

It is sometimes necessary to replace your existing three phase motor with a single phase motor if you do not possess a three phase supply on your premesis. This is generally a common occurrence and all we usually require is the nameplate details of your existing electric motor. If this is the case, please contact the MM Engineering Services team directly.

MM Engineering Services (Yorkshire) Ltd was created primarily to provide our clients with choice. Although newly established, we are a team of experienced and specialised consultants who take pride in quality customer service and efficiency. MM Engineering Services (Yorkshire) Ltd is based in Yorkshire, central to the UK, making us perfectly located to supply our products and services nationwide. As a business, we pride ourselves in a strong philosophy which we develop our company around. We believe a firm and strong philosophy sets the foundations for a truly successful and trustworthy business.

MM Engineering are currently selling single phase motors at competitive prices to a range of clients, we advise everyone in the industry to view our products before dismissing such a rare opportunity.

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