Single Phase Motors

Single Phase Motors

We can supply single phase motors to directly replace your existing units, whether it is to replace damaged a motor or to convert your existing three phase motor to a single phase motor.

With access to a large range of stock we are able to despatch most motors for same day delivery to you the next day to ensure minimal downtime.

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Our Range

Power 0.12kW (0.166) - 3.7kW (5.5hp)
Speed 3000 RPM - 750 RPM
Area Type Safe Area or Hazardous Area Ex d
Frame Size 56 - 112M
Construction Aluminium/Cast Iron
Supply Details Single Phase - 230-240V/1/50Hz, 110V/1/50Hz, 110V/1/60Hz
Modifications Available Special Shafts, Special Flanges, Thermistors, Anti-Condensation, Heaters, Various IP Ratings, Impact Canopy
Mounting Options

Three Phase To Single Phase Electric Motor Conversion

It is sometimes necessary to replace your existing three phase motor with a single phase motor, if you do not have a three phase supply to your premises.

MM Engineering Services Ltd specialise in three phase to single phase motor conversions and have successfully replaced three phase electric motors with single phase electric motors on Car Lifts, Myford/Boxford Lathes, Pillar Drills, Table Saws and many more applications.

Typical Three Phase Applications that we can convert to Single Phase