Here at MM Engineering Services (Yorkshire) Ltd we deem ourselves as a worldwide business. We are able to export our products across the globe and we value all of our international relationships. We work hard to build strong relationships with all of our international customers.

Our service, no matter where in the world it is delivered, is a complete one. We take our customers from point of enquiry, to recommending product, right up to delivery of the product. We offer competitive pricing as well as complete piece of mind, making sure that your order is taken care of, delivering exactly what you need; quickly, safely and at a great price.

One of the reasons that we can be sure of our service is that we have selected only the best freight-forwarding companies across the world and building strong partnerships with them. We have access to a range of freight forwarders, including those that specialise in land, air and sea. We take pride that all of our customers receive a professional service that is always competitively priced.

Once we know more about your required delivery schedule, we will look at the different modes of transport that are open to you. We will not only look at which will be able to meet your needs, but which will also be cost effective to you too.

We will handle a variety of aspects of your shipment, ensuring that it is sent in secure and proper packaging, that it has custom clearances and is shipped on the right type of pallet with all the relevant paperwork.

No matter what form of transport is selected; we will monitor your shipment by tracking it until we can be sure that it is delivered. A hassle free service that is completely door to door.

Here at MM Engineering Services (Yorkshire) Ltd, we can also ensure that Documentation or Certification for local taxes and customs purposes are arranged. This can include the Airway Bill, Bill of Ladings, Certificate of Origin or Attested Commercial Invoice from the Chamber of Commerce.

Documentation Costs :

  • Certificate of Origin Delivered to your Office – £50.
  • Attestation of Commercial Invoice by Local Chamber of Commerce – £50 or discounted rate to £30 if Certificate of Origin is also ordered.
  • Air Freight to Nigeria (Lagos) 1 Pallet @ £200kg – Approx. £2.75 per kg.
  • Sea Freight to Nigeria (Lagos) 1 Pallet 1000kg @Approx. £140.00.
  • Air Freight to UAE (Dubai) 1 Pallet @ 200kg – Approx. £2.75 per kg.
  • Sea Freight to UAE (Dubai Port) 1 Pallet @ 1000kg Approx. £110.00 Total.
  • Sea Freight to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah Port) 1 Pallet @ 1000kg Approx. £150.00 Total.
  • Sea/Air Freight Insurance Costs start from £30 for goods valued upto £5000.