Focus on Brook Crompton Motors

For over 100 years Brook Crompton have been a leader in the development of high efficiency electric motors. Colonel Crompton, a pioneer in the development of d.c. motors, formed R.E.B. Crompton & Co in 1878 and Ernest Brook made his first a.c. motor in the UK in 1904 forming Brook Motors. The two organisations came together in the late 1960s and the company that is now Brook Crompton has come a long way since then.

Brook Crompton is a leading provider of electric motors for the global industrial market, with motor solutions that benefit a wide range of customers involved in numerous diverse markets. Their products are used in almost every industrial activity including water treatment, building services, chemicals/petrochemicals, general processing and manufacturing where they drive fans, pumps,compressors and conveyors amongst other things.

Today Brook Crompton incorporates many well know names from the history of electric motor production
including Brook Motors, Crompton Parkinson, Electrodrives (itself including AEI and English Electric),
Newman and Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors. In all countries where the Brook Crompton name is found you will find one strong underlying connection. Quality.

A key attribute of MM Engineering Services is our ability to meet your exact needs by being both versatile and flexible. We are committed to listening to your needs and responding in a way that meets those requirements whether that be from a stock Brook Crompton product, or through a modification of a stock motor, or the production of a Brook Crompton product customised to meet your specific needs.

Electric motors are the driving force behind all modern industry and hence consume vast amounts of energy. We champion Brook Crompton because of their committment to energy efficiency and are able to provide products designed to provide a low cost of ownership throughout the motor lifetime.

Brook Crompton have a complete range of IE1 Standard Efficiency (* still available for use in non EUP compliant countries), IE2 High Efficiency, IE3 Premium Efficiency and US Nema Premium products available to meet your needs. Please contact us at MM Engineering Services for more information.

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